It's hard to believe that the summer of 2013 has almost come to an end!  Parent's are rejoicing and kids are groaning, until the all go back to school shopping.  

Then the parent's moan about the prices and kids rejoice with all kinds of new stuff.  This week we started the back to school shopping, a trip to the Wrentham Village Outlets was our first stop.  There is a huge selection of stores there and no matter how many children you have and what their tastes are there is a store there for them.

We started off buying a pair of sneakers in the Nike store, paying less than half price for some pretty nice "kicks"!  We then headed to the Ralph Lauren "Polo" store next and plunked down a few bucks on tee shirts and polo's, next it was off to the Lacoste' store I was in shock at some of the prices, we only grabbed one shirt in that store.

We hit a few other stores for shorts and other items on the list, we still have a few more items to grab before the first bell of the new school year rings. I do have to say it was difficult not to grab a few items for myself while at Wrentham Village Outlets, there are so many stores I may have to make another trip back.