Have you ever had ringing in your ears that felt like it wouldn't end?  Those sounds you are hearing are related to the condition called tinnitus.

beyondtinnitus, Flickr

So what causes tinnitus and how can you get rid of it? The most common cause for tinnitus, or ringing inthe ears, is exposure to loud sounds and noises. Other causes, according to Medical News Today, include build of wax in the ear, stress, depression Meniere's disease and hearing loss? Also people who suffer from PTSD also tend to have higher instances of tinnitus.

How can you prevent tinnitus? Avoid exposure to environments with loud noise.  If you work in a loud setting, use ear plugs.  Also, hearing experts would recommend against the use of cotton swabs for cleaning the ear internally. The swabs tend to push wax further and deeper into the ear canal.

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