Hopefully you brush your teeth everyday. A simple glance at the stuff that's inside the tube of commercial toothpaste can be an eye opener! There's a very good reason why most toothpaste packages warn: Do not ingest It can be toxic!

Do the kids ever complain of a belly ache after brushing their teeth? It could be they swallowed a hefty portion of toothpaste with ingredients sure to make some folks sick!

Typical toothpastes can contain such delectable chemicals like: propylene glycol - a solvent that's the active component in some anti-freezes, formaldehyde - the same ingredient coroners use and soapy detergent - to give you the lathering foam and suds!  Add saccharin for sweetness and titanium dioxide - found in white paint, keeps your teeth white for a few hours!

What toothpaste do you brush with? Check it out. And if you'd like to get away from all those chemicals and harsh ingredients, try natural toothpastes like Tom's of Maine, that has scored high with consumers or Dr. Ken's All Natural Maximum Care!