Over the decades, as a restaurant owner, our customers have requested some very strange things that turned out to be uncommonly delicious! So, I'm dedicating this blog to different toppings poured over hot French fries!

Let's start with my #1, just a sprinkling of Kosher Salt and fresh squeezed lemon juice!  Customers asked for: hot gravy, homemade aioli with grated cheese, hot pizza sauce with pepperoni slices and melted mozzarella cheese. Also, chopped pastrami and melted Swiss cheese, chili and melted cheese, sour cream with fresh chopped bacon and chives

We have even gotten some local flavor with warm Portuguese Cacoila sauce, honey mustard or very spicy mustard, crumbled feta cheese, BBQ sauce and bleu cheese dressing, to name a few.

What have I left off the list that's your favorite French fry topping? Share your thoughts: