A Westport man faces multiple charges after beating a pregnant woman and then lying to police.

According to Westport Police, 18-year-old Anthony Neives of Westport was questioned by detectives as he was being treated for a stab wound in the hospital. Neives told detectives he received the wound during a struggle with a man who broke into his home.

Neives then sent investigators to a Westport home, where a pregnant woman attempted to back up Neives' story, but the two allibies didn't match up. Detectives noticed a deep scratch on the woman's face and clumps of hair in the trash and continued to question the woman.

It was revealed Neives slammed her to the floor during an argument, pulled her hair, punched her, bit her face, and destroyed her phone when she tried to call for help. The woman was able to grab a nearby knife and slashed Neives in the shoulder.

Neives was arrested and is charged with domestic assault and battery on a pregnant victim, intimidation of a witness, and misleading police.