In a new interview with Yahoo Sports, Wes Welker told them that he can be himself with the Broncos. 

So does that mean he was being held back in New England? certainly not on the field, but on a personal level they might have been. Welker says that the Broncos haven't told him not to talk about certain subjects, unlike when he was in New England.

It's no shocker that coach Bill Bellichick runs a tight ship. You don't find out anything about what's going on in the patriots locker room unless they want you to know. So is Welker feeling more at home in Denver than New England?

I feel like I can be myself a little more for sure

- Wes Welker

He also told Yahoo that Tom Brady was a little upset about him signing with the Broncos, but added that he was also upset about it. That might be eluding to the fact that the Pats didn't step up to the plate to offer Welker what he wanted after years of putting up great numbers and loyal service.