Folks who still seek out the advice of others is dwindling in this age of Google, where we can find out about anything! Why ask for advice when we can simply type in the question and click search. But truth be told, young people today are lacking the guidance because they no longer value mentors.

People want answers without the wisdom that leads to the answer. Remember back a few generations ago when our grandparents and relatives lived in the same household? Nowadays we are sending our elderly parents off to nursing facilities. And with that comes a high price for sacrificing the wisdom of our elders, who have been through so many experiences and have the secrets to weathering the storms of money, life and life's problems.

The other challenge facing us these days is it's not enough to seek out wisdom, but actuating into our lives. That's tough because people want change but are not willing to do the work to implement the change. So, before approaching the so called experts, find someone real old and ask away! You'll come away with real wisdom and good advice!