I feel like Jim Carey from 'Bruce Almighty' now that the power is back at my house, I'm going around turning on lights saying "I Got The Power"


It is great to have the power back after the Blizzard of 2013!  We lost power about 8:50 Friday night and it came back on about 1:00 Sunday morning, we went about 28 hours without power, after the damage I saw from the storm I thought it would be much longer!  Thanks to NStar workers for getting the juice back on, I know there are other area's that will be out for much longer, lets hope it is sooner than later!  As I look out at the ocean of white it is beautiful, however...  Once it melts it's going to be a mess!  My landscaping took a huge hit!  I have two 80' pine trees that fell right across my driveway, a bunch of shrubs and bushes flattened by the weight of the snow, some fruit trees that split in two and a huge branch broken from a maple tree!  It's no big deal really all of that stuff can be replaced, I just thank that my family and friends are safe.

During the power outage I had to get creative, I was dying for a cup of coffee, well, with no power I couldn't turn on the coffee maker or boil water on the stove so I improvised, I had a fire going in the fire place, I decided that I would take a pot from the kitchen, (pause here, the power just went out) I'm back, 5 hours later, anyway I took the pot and put in the fire place next to the fire and heated up the water, it took about a half hour or so and I did have to strain in some ashes did get in the water and made coffee it wasn't great but it was the best I was going to do.  I then decided to tackle the clean up, the first thing I had to do was cut  two trees that were lying across my driveway, both about 80' tall, I got the chainsaw going and started cutting, wouldn't you know it just as I was about done I ran out of gas!

Good thing my friend Mike, from Pontiac Tree Service came by and helped me clear the rest.  Looks like Mike is going to busy for a while lots of trees down!  I got the drive way clear and here we are now, starting to put the stuff back into the fridge that I stored in the garage to keep cold and trying to get back to normal.  It looks like some folks may be without power for quite a while I hope they are able to find a place to keep warm, I have opened my home up to some friends who are without power.  For the most part we survived the Blizzard, what's next?  I'm sure we will have a couple more crazy storms that knock the power out again, maybe then I'll be convinced to buy that generator!

Happy Cleaning!