Wareham Police are looking for man who was impersonating a Police Officer over the weekend. 

A 29 year old Wareham woman pulled over on Main Street Saturday night, after she saw a flashing blue light coming from a dark-colored pick up truck behind her.  The male driver approached the car, requesting she produce her driver's license and step outside the vehicle. 

The woman then told police she felt the man was not a police officer and as she was driving away, the man struck her in the face with a flash light, causing a minor injury.  The woman contacted Police when she arrived home. 

Lt. Kevin Walsh say they're looking for a white male in his 40's, around 5-8 with dark hair and a distinct adam's apple.  He also was wearing a fluorescent yellow jacket.  Anyone with information is asked to call the Wareham tip line 508 291-2300.