Wareham police arrest four people over a two week period for illegal drug violations. On August 22, Detectives searched an apartment at 291-A Onset Avenue, finding scales, plastic baggies, and quantities of heroin and marijuana. Police charged the two occupants, 31 year old Jason Abbott and 28 year old Erin Morrissette with drug violations.

A week later, police raided a second apartment at 291-B Onset Avenue, finding drug paraphenalia, marijuana and $1,100 in cash. Nineteen year old Anthony Simmons was arrested Thurday on charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Police also charged 22 year old Anthony Spinola with drug violations after police made a motor vehicle stop on August 29 and found 22 grams of cocaine in his possession. Police Chief Richard Stanley praised detectives for their work, and also thanked residents who reported suspicious activity in the Onset Avenue neighborhood.