As a life long New England resident, I have seen our four major teams win championships and be in the basement. 

This year the Patriots continue to dominate as they have for the past decade. This is a team that back in 1990 had a 1-15 record to now making the playoffs an expected thing.  I remember when the Bruins were the fan favorite with players like Orr and Esposito ruling the ice, and the B's just winning the cup in 2011, many feel that they are among the favorites.

The Red Sox always rank high with the fans, until recently when they have fallen of course over the past couple of seasons.  How about the Celtic's?  The years with Bird and Mchale no other team was as popular back in the day, that was a team that just dominated other teams and fans loved them!

With that said, because the Patriots are so dominant are they your favorite team?  How about the Bruins, Sox and Celtics?  Where do you rank these teams?