The professional staff at The Oaks Nursing Facility  is dedicated to meeting the needs of each resident through quality nursing care, individual and group activities, comfortable surroundings and an atmosphere of friendship and compassion.

Founded: July 1989

Why They’re Unique: They place each resident’s needs at a level of top priority.

They Can Answer Questions Relating to: What types of rehabilitation services are available for my needs? How long can I expect my rehabilitation program to be? What activities for social interaction are provided to residents? How can my family be involved with the decision making process?

1) When selecting a rehabilitation facility, include family and loved ones in the decision making process. Here at The Oaks, we are happy to meet with you and your loved ones to discuss all we have to offer.

2) Follow the doctor’s orders. If medical professionals have advised a program or length of time for rehabilitation, follow the plan according to the doctor’s orders for your best results. The professional team here at The Oaks is here to help with getting each resident best results.

Watch this video to find out more about the team at The OAks and services provided.

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