Hundreds gathered Thursday night for a service held in memory of the victims of the Taunton stabbing spree.

The service was held at Holy Family Catholic Church in Taunton where victim Patricia Slavin attended mass regularly.

Rev. Father Kevin Cook told NBC10 that Slavin believed in helping others, and let Arthur DaRosa in her home an action that later lead to her death.

"And even in that horrific moment when a man that was lost came to their door, Pat and Kathy's response was one of love," said Fr. Cook.

Fr. Cook also praised the actions of George Heath, a visual design teacher at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School who was killed trying to save pregnant waitress Sheenah Savoy as she was being stabbed by DaRosa.

"The man went to lay down his life for a woman he did not know so he could to protect her -- to protect the baby she's carrying," said Fr. Cook.

Savoy's sisters were also in attendance and wanted to express their gratitued to his widow, Rosemary.

"The whole family loves and respects her and wishes she was here so we could have seen her," the women said.

Another vigil in honor of Heath was also held that night at the Taunton Village Green.