By now you have probably seen the picture of U.S. gymnast McKayla Maroney pouting. She was expected to win the gold at the London Olympics, but after a fall in her vault competition, she ended up with the silver medal.

While standing on the medal podium at the ceremony, she was seen with her arms crossed and what my mother used to call "a look on her face!" That picture went viral and the commenting began.

I have mixed emotions about this debate. While I don't think she should have looked that way and it probably was not a good way to represent the USA, we seem to forget that she is 16. She may be an accomplished athlete who tours the world and should be used to pressure, but I think sometimes we forget that some of these athletes are just kids. I coach kids here on the Southcoast, and I can tell you they don't always handle defeat or their athletic struggles with the greatest attitudes. That's where I always figure my work comes in as a coach or mentor or parent.