Two New Bedford men are arrested after breaking into a local laundromat.

According to Detective Captain Steve Vicente, two officers were checking on the Friendly Plaza businesses on Purchase Street around 1am Monday morning, when they saw the rear door to the Deer Run Laundromat had been forced open.

The officers entered the building and immediately arrested 25-year-old Aneudy Vellon, who was crouched in a corner of the laundromat.

A second man, 18-year-old Jonathan Little, broke through the front glass door in an attempt to escape, but was soon caught after a short foot chase near the Tabor Mill apartments. Little was in possession of a flashlight, screwdriver, and a window punch at the time of his arrest.

Little and Vellon are being arraigned today in New Bedford District Court on charges of breaking and entering in the nighttime, malicious destruction of property, and possession of burglarious tools.