A WBSM online listener in New Orleans asked me what I thought about the horrific explosions that ripped an idyllic Patriot's Day into a cowardly act of terrorism. I told her that I was still spurning with disbelief!

My prayers have been non-stop for those who were killed and injured and everyone who was deeply affected in some way. I was on-air when a listener phoned in and made me aware of the tragedy. Within minutes, WBSM reporter Taylor Cormier, City Councilor Henry Bousquet and I were trying to make sense of a scary, senseless act of evil inflicted on innocent people.

Shortly after the explosions, I was joined on-air by locally respected marathon runner, Larry Finnerty, who was in Boston at the time and Chris Donnelly of the New Bedford Half Marathon. In a numbing state of shock, we agreed that an intentional destructive act of terrorism caused death, injury, fright and confusion that will forever change the security of future marathons. The Finish Line was always a special place of celebration for runners and their families, not a place of rising smoke, broken windows and bodies on a bloodied sidewalks.

Join me Tuesday afternoon for a continuing special report, complete with guests and your phone calls. Let me conclude for now by asking you to donate a pint of blood, if possible. The Boston Marathon brings here the best runners and the best fans from all over the world. We can't allow this evil tug-of-war to change that.