Life can get pretty hectic, trust me I know. But there are those out there that can make some of life's big changes a little easier to get through.

As you may know, I have just started a new job, which meant relocating to a new area and I'm in the middle of planning my wedding coming up this spring. Clearly time is not something I have an abundance of. So when it came time to try and move, things got a little crazy.

I was spending so much time packing the things in our old house, that thinking about looking for a new place to live sort of slipped my mind for a minute there. Then before I knew it the new job had started and I had to move...stat!

Jacob Wackerhausen

Needless to say I realized pretty quickly that having the right real estate agent is extremely important. Someone who is willing to meet me and my fiance in the very small windows of time we have open, has options to peruse online so we don't have to see every single one in person (just the ones we really like) and of course has patience with our hectic lives so we don't feel pressured to just pick something already!

In other words you've got to click with your realtor. And our friends at Alferes Realty are the kinds of realtors that make it so easy to do that.

When all of life starts coming at you at once, there's only so much brain space to hold it all in. My brain space gave up after wedding planning and starting new job. It's nice to know there are local real estate experts like Alferes Realty that can take some of the pressure away and allow my brain to breathe again!