Looking for a new job can be grueling. Whether you're currently in the work force looking to make a change or entering into it for the first time, we've put together some information we find helpful. Some common mistakes that people make but don't realize can leave them wondering why they didn't get the job or even land the interview.

Anatoly Vartanov
  1. Watch your social media pages, especially if they're public- The last thing you want a potential employer to see is that compromising photo of you and a blow up doll at your bff's bachelor party.
  2. Proof read your resume- Or have a friend proof read for you. Erradicate any spelling errors. Also, if you're hanging onto a silly e-mail address like "Shawtysoflyxx1212@whatever.com", get a new one. Gmail is FREE. First dot last name works well. But if it's something silly, you may want to update.
  3. Don't defame your current gig- If you are currently miserable in your employment situation, try to be as positive and gracious as possible. Badmouthing your current employer during an interview can leave the potential new company wondering if you perhaps don't play well with others.
  4. Dress for success- Even if you're interviewing for a company that has a dress down policy, show up to your interview with style. A suit or business wear are always impressive and shows that you care very much about first impressions.
  5. Take your coat off- You've come so far, worn a suit and tie. Be sure to take your jacket or coat off. In New England and colder regions, the weather may require layering, but be sure to show off that business attire.
  6. Send a thank you note- If you have been granted an interview, a thank you note is often appreciated and helps you stand out. Send a hand written thank you card or in the very least, an e-mail thanking them for their time and consideration.

And if you do land that job, here is a great article for young professionals entering the workforce for the first time.

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