The screening of the film, "Range 15", brought an increased police presence at AMC Dartmouth Mall 11 Wednesday night.

Det. Kyle Costa told WBSM News Dartmouth Police received information about threats made regarding the film and Acting Police Chief Robert Szala thought it was best to err on the side of safety.

"We take any type of information spread to the law enforcement community very seriously," said Costa "and with the fact that it was being directed at AMC Theaters, the Chief just decided to put on some extra security for that night."

However, Costa says there was any specific threat made to the theater itself.

"It definitely wasn't specific just towards Dartmouth," said Costa "this was a film that was being released nationally and there wasn't a specific threat towards any one theater."

Since the threat was so non-specific Costa says there is no need for residents to be alarmed.

"We just don't want people to be panic-stricken just by one piece of isolated information that was passed along," said Costa "just go about your daily business and let us handle the law enforcement aspect of things and if there's information that needs to be passed out to the public we would certainly get it out there as soon as possble."

"Range 15" is a film made by military veterans about a zombie apocalypse.