TSM - Dr. Pia Durkin reading at 2014 Moby Dick Marathon

New Bedford Superintendent Dr. Pia Durkin kicked off the 2014 Moby Dick Reading Marathon Saturday at the Whaling Museum with the famous words, "Call Me Ishmael. "

The theme of this year's Marathon is education, wtih Museum Director James Russell announcing a spring groundbreaking for the Museum's new education center.

Eli Gershenfeld attended the event.  He's a high school student who recently finished reading Moby Dick....

Among the spectators were visitors from other parts of the country, and some from other countries altogether.


Tonny Schakenraad of the Netherlands says he's attended the marathon four times, simply because he loves the book, and loves New England.

The cover-to-cover reading of the novel is expected to wrap up around 1pm Sunday.