When I woke up yesterday morning and saw the rain pouring down, I thought, this isn't great weather to hold a walk. Yesterday was "Sharon's Walk" at Fort Taber in New Bedford, as I thought more and more about the weather, the more I thought about the reason we were doing the walk, to raise money for the Southcoast Cancer Center.

The Southcoast Cancer Center is a state of the art facility right here in our backyard! I also thought about the people who are affected by cancer and that a little, or a lot of rain is nothing compared to the storm that they have to weather. When I arrived the walk there were a few people thinking the same thing I was, that not too many people would show up. I'm happy to say we were wrong! There were hundreds of folks that showed up! Families, individuals, friends, all their to support this great cause!

As the rain poured down all we could talk about was the weather, people had their smart-phones out looking at the radar and it didn't look like it would clear. One woman said to me "it's going to clear in time for the walk, trust me" even though the radar said otherwise. As time for the walk approached, wouldn't you know it, the rain stopped! We all were able to walk without getting soaked, and I don't think many who were there to walk, cared if it was pouring or not, they were there to walk for that person in their life that has been affected by cancer. If you walked yesterday, thank you!