The 2013 NFL season is upon us, and along with the professional games starting, fantasy football is also starting up. If you haven't had your fantasy football draft yet, we have done a little bit of research for you to figure out which players will be the best for you to draft. 

Running Back

  1. Adrian Peterson - ESPN Fantasy Prediction: It does Peterson a disservice to call him "superhuman." It implies his comeback from a torn ACL to produce the second-highest rush yardage total in NFL history was the result of childhood exposure to a red sun, rather than ridiculously hard work.
  2. Marshawn Lynch - ESPN Fantays Prediction: Time to stop worrying Beast Mode is a fluke. All he's done over the past two seasons is finish second in the NFL in total rushing yards and third in rushing TDs while becoming less popular to tackle than advanced calculus.
  3. Arian Foster - ESPNFantasy Prediction: Worry-warts look at Foster's declining per-carry average over the past three seasons -- from 4.9 to 4.4 to 4.1 -- and fret that even at age 26, heavy workloads are catching up with him. And indeed, his 1,115 offensive touches from '10 to '12 are the NFL's most.


  1. Drew Brees - ESPN Fantasy Prediction: Brees is the first NFL quarterback to exceed 5,000 passing yards in back-to-back seasons, and he's led the league in passing TDs in four of the past five years.
  2. Aaron Rodgers - ESPN Fantasy Prediction: When you throw for 39 TDs, eight INTs and 4,295 yards and people say you had a down year, you know you're good. Rodgers is still the NFL's best combination of accuracy, arm and athleticism, and at age 29, he's only now entering his prime.
  3. Peyton Manning - ESPNFantasy Prediction: Peyton's return saw him rack up 4,659 passing yards and 37 TDs, the second-best totals of his career, as Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker became stars. Now the concern: Manning's arm strength diminished late in the year.

Wide Receiver

  1. Calvin Johnson - ESPN Fantasy Prediction: It had been a decade since the same man led all WRs in fantasy points in back-to-back seasons, but Megatron scoffs at notions of unrepeatability. As dominant a physical presence as the position has ever seen, Johnson will keep just rocking opposing defenses.
  2. Dez Bryant - ESPN Fantasy Prediction: You'll rarely get such verifiable truth out of an NFL player. After Week 10 last season, Tony Romo told reporters that Dez Bryant had "come 180 degrees, almost full circle."
  3. AJ Green - ESPN Fantasy Prediction: Nothing is missing from Green's game. You want a guy to make a big play? Green produced 12 gains of 25-plus yards last year and was top 10 in yards after the catch. You want a guy to make a first down? Green had 61 of them.

Tight End

  1. Jimmy Graham - ESPN Fantasy Prediction: He was fantasy's top point-earning TE last season, and with Sean Payton calling plays again for the Saints and Graham entering a contract year, a bounce-back is ahead. With Rob Gronkowski looking risky because of his broken arm, we see Graham as the top TE draftee in '13.
  2. Vernon Davis - ESPN Fantasy Prediction: Ranking Davis as a fantasy starter requires a leap of faith, because he was a disaster in '12, catching fewer than two passes per contest in the seven regular-season games after Colin Kaepernick became the 49ers' QB.
  3. Rob Gronkowski - ESPN Fantasy Prediction: The Gronk is open even when he's covered. He might be the most lethal red-zone weapon in NFL history; he has 29 red-zone TDs over the past three years, nine more than any other player.


  1. Seattle Seahawks
  2. San Franciso 49ers
  3. Denver Broncos