The Boston Bruin's are about to fire up the 2012-2013 season this weekend.  The season of course is a shortened one because of the lock out.

Owners and players finally agreed on a collective bargaining agreement and will finally play!  I am excited to have hockey back, but not as excited as I would have been if they came back in October.  The NHL and Players had months to work out a deal and they decided to stretch it out and cancel games.  They ended up losing the Winter Classic and the All-Star Game in the process, not only did they do that I think they lost fans.

That is not good for a sport that has a limited fan base to begin with.  Hockey is an exciting sport to watch, it's fast paced and the players have extreme skill.  It's too bad that the season had to start this way, this isn't the first time this has happened nor will it be the last I'm sure.  I know there was talk about fans doing something to show their anger against the lock-out by not going to the first game of the season or not buying concessions at the arena's.  The not buying concessions is not going to work because many of the team owners who benefit from them are giving them to fans for free.

I don't plan on banning any hockey this season, I'm just glad it's back and I hope that once the puck is dropped we have a great,(short) season!  Go Bruins!