It's that time of year again, Time for the cranberry harvest! I love this time of year, the leaves are turning, the temperature is dropping and the cranberry growers are picking! I remember being a kid and walking down the road to the local bog. My brothers and I would watch as the workers would pick the berry's and corral them and load the trucks. My mom would send me with a bucket and see if I could grab some to bring home, the guy's usually would fill my bucket and mom would make homemade cranberry sauce, and cranberry bread.

I always thought that Massachusetts was the largest grower of cranberry's, turns out Wisconsin produces more than half of the cranberries in the United States. Wisconsin produces twice as many cranberries as Massachusetts. Other states that produce cranberry's are New Jersey, Oregon and Washington.
I still take time every fall to visit area bogs as they are picking them, I don't bring my bucket any more though.