As if parents don't have enough to keep them stressed out, a game your kid may be playing behind closed doors may kill them. It's name gets right to the point, The Choking Game, and young kids have suffocated. Jeana Monroe, of Racine, Wis., who lost her son to The Choking Game had a difficult time talking about losing her child.

It was Dec. 4, 2012 when Monroe's life changed forever. Her five-year-old daughter found her brother, 15-year-old R.J. in his room after playing The Choking Game. "Losing your child is something you're never going to get over," Monroe said.

Now, more than a year and a half after her son's senseless death, Monroe is trying to turn their tragedy into a parental warning and is drumming up public awareness about The Choking Game with a new video PSAs that will open some eyes to how the kids play and the dire consequences of The Choking Game. Ms. Monroe hopes that no other mother has to feel her pain. Please pass this along to others.