Mother and child are doing just fine after a New Bedford Police officer helped deliver the baby at their South End apartment early New Year's morning.

New Bedford Police officer Nathan Monteiro was reunited with 21-year-old Nativia Jones and her 8lb. baby girl, Amyiah Angel Jones-Rivera at St. Luke's Hospital today.

Officer Monteiro says the birth was complicated, since the umbilical cord was wrapped around the child's neck. Monteiro immediately loosened the cord, and cleared the baby's airway.

Nativia says Officer Monteiro was a Godsend for Amyiah that morning.

Nativia was supposed to deliver Amyiah by way of C-Section tomorrow, but the baby had other plans.

Nativia and Amyiah are scheduled to be discharged from the hospital today, and will go home where the father of the child, Brian Rivera, is preparing the baby's room.

Nativia says she wants to stay in touch with Monteiro as Amyiah grows up, so she knows the man who helped bring her into the world.