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A 43-year-old Taunton man is held on $250,000 bail after being charged in a home break-in prosecutors say may be related to others in which a man entered victims' bedrooms.     

    Miguel Erickson pleaded not guilty Tuesday to one count of breaking and entering.

    Prosecutor Jeff Dailey said more charges are expected as police investigate three other break-ins in Taunton. In some, women said a suspect touched them as they slept, even if a man was also asleep beside them.

    Dailey said the current charge involves an Oct. 10 burglary at the home of a 58-year-old woman on Erickson's street.  

    The Taunton Daily Gazette reports Daily said the woman heard noises, but didn't find anything and feel asleep in a chair. Dailey said a neighbor saw Erickson leave the house on a ladder, carrying a duffel bag.  (Associated Press)