The Best ‘It’s So Cold…’ Jokes 2016
The bitter cold is going to set in the Southcoast this weekend. Temperatures in the low teens means prime time cuddle sessions this Valentine's Day. Also a great time to brush up on your "It's So Cold" jokes!
Acushnet Man Loses Fingertips in Snowblower Accident
While there were no major accidents reported on the Southcoast yesterday or last night, an Acushnet man was injured while clearing away snow.
According to the Standard Times, the Acushnet man was using his snowblower yesterday afternoon on Hathaway Road when it jammed...
Overflow Shelter Gearing Up For Weekend Storm
The City of New Bedford has the final say, but organizers of the New Bedford Overflow Shelter for the Homeless tell WBSM News, they are gearing up to open sometime this weekend.
Snow and strong winds are expected Saturday into Sunday here on the Southcoast...

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