New Bedford Property Tax Rates Get Minimum Increase For 2017
After New Bedford's huge spike in total tax collection this year, residents and businesses are catching a relative break in 2017.
At Monday night's Tax Classification Hearing, the New Bedford City Council voted 9-2 to increase tax rates for both businesses and residents by the minimum facto…
Barry Richard – Earth To Jill Stein: It’s Time To Move On
Jill Stein is nothing, if not an opportunist. Stein, the 66 year old physician from Lexington, Massachusetts has been running for public office since 2002 and has yet to be elected to anything. She has run twice for Governor of Massachusetts, once for State Representative, Secretary of State and at …
Barry Richard – Trump Right To Drop Probe Of Clinton
President-Elect Donald Trump has outlined his priorities for his first 100 days in office.  Absent from the list, a criminal investigation of one time Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.
During it's first 100 days in office the Trump Administration plans to pursue action on trade, immigration, energy, r…

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