Agree to Disagree Post-Election
Now that Election Day is over, it's time to repair those damaged friendships. Social media friendships during the campaign season suffered to the point that some Facebook users unfriended those who had opposing political views! Aren't your friendships worth rekindling...
My Advise To Hillary & The Donald For Tonight’s Debate
Donald Trump has a few distinct advantages over Hillary Clinton when it comes to their initial debate which takes place tonight 9:00 PM EST just east of the Queens borough on Long Island at Hofstra University in New York.
For starters, Secretary Clinton's campaign is promising to clean his clock…
Mitchell Pleased With CPA Approval
With the support of the voters, the City of New Bedford is moving ahead with the Community Preservation Act. The act places a 1.5% surcharge on property tax bills, excluding the first assessed $100,000.
Mayor Jon Mitchell says the improvement projects that receive CPA funding cannot rely on just thos…

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