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Obama: U.S. And Britain To Help France Seek Justice
President Barack Obama says the U.S. and Britain will do everything in their power to help France seek justice for last week's terror attacks.
Obama spoke at a news conference Friday with British Prime Minister David Cameron.
Obama says they spent much of their time in two days of meetings talkin…
MBTA: No Information That Boston Is A Target
MBTA police chief Paul MacMillan says the transit agency is aware of a report about alleged subway plots in Europe and elsewhere, but said there's no information that either the MBTA or Boston is a target.
The comment came after Iraq's prime minister said captured Islamic State militants to…
One Of America’s Greatest Untold Security Stories [VIDEO]
The most lethal weapons on the world's high-tech battlefield are not the big ones, but rather the weapons that can fit inside a briefcase or a pack of chewing gum. These devices are developed and manufactured here in the United States. So, how do these American tiny weapons of war, which can trigger…

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