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Obama And Putin Meet At The United Nations
There are no smiles in pictures of President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin as they met on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.
Their meeting came amid a disagreement over Russia's support for Syria in its fight against ISIS...
A Day Of Contrasts For Pope Francis In New York
Sweeping through the landmarks of America's biggest city, Pope Francis on Friday offered comfort to 9/11 victims' families at ground zero, warnings to world leaders at the United Nations and encouragement to schoolchildren in Harlem as he mixed the high and low ministry so characteristic o…
WBSM Part Of United Nations Talk Radio Day
The United Nations Foundation and Talkers Magazine are hosting their annual "Talk Radio Day" at the UN. Radio talk show host from around the country will be airing their shows from 'broadcast row' and WBSM will be participating by airing special live interviews Thursday.
Obama Says Russian Invasion Violates International Law
President Obama is calling Russia's intervention in Ukraine a violation of both international law and Ukrainian sovereignty. 
The President's comments today come as the U.S. weighs possible sanctions against Russia for sending troops into the Crimean region...
Death Toll May Climb in Philippines, U.S. Organizing Aid
Ten-thousand people are feared dead and entire towns are wiped out after Super Typhoon Haiyan swamped the Philippines. The U.N. says more than 600-thousand people have been displaced. The once-thriving port city of Tacloban has been reduced to waterlogged rubble.
Healthcare Debate Rages On
Texas Republican Ted Cruz is standing at the podium in the Senate chamber as he rips Obamacare.  Cruz wants the Senate to defund the healthcare reform law as a condition of continuing government funding.  The government runs out of money early next week without a bipartisan deal in the Hou…
UN: “Dramatic Progress” In Fight Against AIDS
The United Nations is touting "dramatic" progress in the global fight against AIDS. 
In an annual report, UNAIDS  says deaths from AIDS and HIV infection rates are falling, while the number of people getting treatment is rising. 
By the end of last year, almost ten-million people in poorer a…

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