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New Video System Developed By SMAST To Count Fish
Researchers with the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth say a new video system will help provide data to better inform management of New England's beleaguered cod population.
UMass Dartmouth School for Marine Science and Technology scientists say their new video system will help assess the sp…
A Fresh Harvest at UMass Dartmouth
The lettuce being served up at UMass Dartmouth is coming out of an old shipping container, but this stuff is just as fresh, maybe even fresher, than the greens that come out of the ground.
UMass Community Responds To Overdose Issues
Officials at UMass Dartmouth say they're taking action in the wake of this weekend's death of a 20 year old student from an apparent accidental drug overdose.
In an e-mail sent to students, staff and faculty, the University spelled out a multi-faceted effort to remind all that the opio…
Report: UMD Student Found Dead In Dorm Room
A campus-wide email, entitled "Terrible loss for our community," was sent out just before 3 a.m., this morning, notifying UMass Dartmouth students of the sudden death of a male student.
According to the email, the student was found dead in his Birch Hall room Friday night at 11p...

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