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Detained UMass Professors Release Statement
The two UMass Dartmouth professors of Iranian descent that were detained coming back from France over the weekend under President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration have released a statement through the university:
January 31, 2017
Statement from UMass Dartmouth professors Mazdak Tootkabon…
[RICHARD] UMD Outrage Over Trump Travel Restrictions Outrageous
The travel restrictions imposed by the Trump Administration drew protesters into the streets again over the weekend. Restricting travel from countries with direct ties to terrorism is not new and has not been controversial when Democrats have done it, but of course anything that Trump does results i…
UMD Owes Police An Apology Over BLM Flag Flap – Barry Richard
The University of Massachusetts owes police officers, including it's own police force, an apology for flying a “Black Lives Matter” flag at it's Dartmouth campus.
Interim Chancellor Randy Helm says the school does not endorse all of BLM's views, which include killing cops, but says he hopes flying t…
Two UMass-Dartmouth Students Injured In Crash
Dartmouth Police say two UMass-Dartmouth students were injured, when the car they were in crashed into a utility pole just before 1am Saturday morning.
The incident happened on State Road, near Arcadia Avenue.
Both the operator,19 year old Mustafa Alkhatatbeh, and passenger Harrianne Errie, also 19, w…

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