Ten Year Old Girl Pat Down by TSA for Two Minutes
As a 10 year old girl, going through security at an airport and setting of an alarm can be a scary experience. I know because it happened to me the first time I ever flew. The TSA officer simply pulled me aside to show me that the way my iPod and headphones were placed in the bin was incorrect and r…
Loose Change Adds Up at Airports
Everyone knows when you are going through airport security everything must come out of your pockets, but it turns out most people are not putting everything back in their pockets.
Bloomberg Businessweek reports that more than $500,000 worth of loose change was left in security tubs over the last fisc…
Lots of Guns Are Getting Past Airport Security and Onto Planes
Potentially hundreds of loaded handguns could be making it aboard commercial flights every day, rattling the nerves of many frequent flyers, as once again they have reason to question the safety of airline travel.
Earlier last week, Transportation Security Administration baggage screeners unknowingly…
TSA Agents Complain of Racial Profiling
The "New York Times" is reporting TSA agents at Boston's Logan Airport are complaining about racial profiling of passengers at the airport's checkpoints.  Some passengers don't seem to notice a difference.