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Goodell: No Avenue For Settlement With Brady
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he sees no
avenue right now for a settlement with Tom Brady as the star
Patriots quarterback appeals his four-game ''Deflategate''
Goodell told reporters Monday that the league will move forward
based on whether the 2nd U...
Pawsox Offer Free Brady Friday
The PAWSOX, to do their bit for the FREE BRADY movement.
Next Friday, June 10th is FREE BRADY FRIDAY at McCoy Stadium.  The PAWSOX will charge only 12 bucks for a $13 box seat ticket to honor Ole Numba 12 but if your name is Tom or Brady admission to the game is FREE...
Patriots Ask Federal Appeals Court To Rehear Deflategate Case
(Associated Press) -- The New England Patriots have asked a federal appeals court in New York City to rehear the ``Deflategate'' case.
The team said in court papers filed Wednesday in Manhattan that it has a ``strong interest'' in sparing quarterback Tom Brady from starting the se…
Brady To File Appeal At Second Circuit
Today was the deadline for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's legal team to file an appeal of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals' decision to reimpose the 4-game Deflategate suspension levied against the star by the NFL.
Brady Adds Former Solicitor General To Legal Team
As New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady's legal team prepares to continue their fight against the 4-game suspension recently reinstated by the second circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals, it has added another member with serious credentials.

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