South Coast Rail: Be Careful What You Wish For
To be within the radius of the MBTA means being subjected to much higher taxes to pay for an institution that is rarely held accountable for fiscal irresponsibility and "special" tax zones for businesses who happen to be near train stations, even if the station doesn't benefit…
FDA Loves Big Tobacco
Your right to vape in this country is in serious danger! Draconian regulations are coming down thanks to Democrats, Big Tobacco and the Giant Pharma industry.
A Plan B For The Panhandler Situation
When it comes to panhandlers, it may be time to institute a Plan B. We know New Bedford City Councilors continue to explore ways to get them off the streets. Since their Plan A has yet to pan out except for the panhandlers, here's my Plan B...
Are We Being Taxecuted By Democrats?
I woke up, turned on a light which generated taxes on utilities, then took a five minute shower which adds to my water bill. I went back to my room and put on deodorant and cologne, which each item is also taxed.

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