MBTA GM Beverly Scott To Resign
24/7 News Source - The head of Boston's transit agency is resigning following a controversial decision to shut down rail service during a huge snowstorm.
Massachusetts transit officials say Beverly Scott will step down on April 11th...
The Mystery Of The New Bedford Snow Couch
I don't even know where to begin.
I first noticed this couch sitting atop a ten-foot snow mound several days ago. The couch is situated in front of the Martin P. Wein Inc., Accounting and Tax Services business on Acushnet Avenue directly across from Brooklawn Park...
New Bedford Parking Ban Lifted Monday Night
City of New Bedford - A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect for Southern Bristol County, including the City of New Bedford until 1AM on Tuesday. Temperatures are dropping quickly as heavy snow is expected to continue for the next several hours before tapering off to light snow through into t…

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