Stanley Rosenberg

OPINION | Barry Richard: MA Needs Political Revolution In 2018
Massachusetts voters have an opportunity to really shake things up this Fall by opting for change rather than the status quo.  Are we up for the task?  I am worried that we are not.
Our liberal policies that make doing business here as difficult as anywhere in the nation are the things that…
[RICHARD] MA Lawmakers Look To Hammer Business Again
Here they come again!  Massachusetts lawmakers, looking to make an already unfriendly business climate even less friendly is once again targeting business from all angles.
In just the next week your state reps. and senators are likely to advance the so-called "millionaires tax" that would s…
Senate President To Vote Yes On Question Four
Senate President Stan Rosenberg says he's planning to vote for a ballot question that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Massachusetts.
The Amherst Democrat said during an interview Thursday on WGBH-FM that he will vote for Question 4 and then try to make improvements to the mea…
Senate President Urges Better Connection With Young People
Democratic Senate President Stan Rosenberg says Beacon Hill hasn't done a good enough job connecting with the state's young citizens.
Rosenberg on Wednesday launched what he's calling a ``Millennial Engagement Initiative'' to reach out to young people on a range of issues, fr…
DeLeo Says Vote On Sales Tax Holiday Will Come Soon
Prospects for another sales tax holiday in Massachusetts are looking up.
House Speaker Robert DeLeo said Monday that he expects lawmakers to act ``relatively soon'' on a bill that would suspend the state's 6.25 percent sales tax for one weekend during the summer...

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