Hit the Slopes, Southcoast!
Inspired by BDCWire's awesome Boston Sledder's Guide; we've made it really easy for you to see where the biggest and best sledding spots are on the Southcoast.
Farmcoast Weddings
We are very lucky to live in an area where both rustic chic and coastal themes work in perfect harmony. Thanks to a few venues in Westport, Tiverton, and Little Compton, planning a 'Farmcoast' wedding is an ocean breeze.
When thinking of 'Farmcoast,' think of coastal vineyard…
Mattapoisett Boy Reminds Us Why We Love the Southcoast
Harry Carter Hunt IV is my 12-year-old cousin. (We call him "Little Carter," to make it less confusing). He has mild autism and some trouble with handwriting. He might have a tough time expressing himself in person, but somehow leaves it all on paper when it comes to typing...
Calling All Veterans!
From, here's a list of all the places veterans can go eat and maybe even drink for free or discounted rate this Veterans Day. We took the liberty of narrowing down the list to the places that apply specifically to the Southcast (you're welcome)...

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