Middle Aged Women Don’t Sleep Well
A new study indicates that nearly a quarter of middle-aged women claim their quality of sleep is less than good.Researchers found that the problems of sleeping were linked to poor quality of life, chronic illness and medication use.
The lead researcher in Finland says the study adds to earlier resear…
Insomnia Is Normal, Consolidated Sleep Is Not
I had seen a link recently posted on Facebook about bi-modal sleep, which is the art of sleeping in two shifts. Apparently, until about 150 years ago, humans did not sleep in one eight hour block.
According to University of Virginia professor, Roger Ekirch, people slept twice per night...
Texting May Cause Sleep Problems
New research finds that people who send the most texts have the most sleep problems.
To find this, researchers from Washington Lee University assessed the sleep quality, cell phone use, and stress levels of participating students...
Foods That Help You Sleep
Having trouble sleeping at night? If you're wandering the halls of your home or waking up in the middle of a sleep session, unable to fall back to sleep, it may be due to your diet.
Nutsinbulk, Flickr
Ingesting alcohol and caffeine can disturb peaceful slumber...
Does Your Partner Snore? Try This
A new study finds that singing could be a surprising cure for snoring.
The study had patients practice singing exercises over a three month period in order to tone their throat muscles. A choir director invented the exercises and says that patients who practiced singing the sounds "ung&q…
Stress Affects Your Sleep, Try Meditation
Tossing and turning at night? Well, then you're like 83% of Americans according to the LA Times
So why are Americans losing so much needed rest?
Stress and anxiety were cited as the top reason by 48% of the 1,008 adults interviewed by the polling firm Harris Interactive...

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