Is Shark Surfing a Crime? [VIDEO]
Meet two of the world's biggest idiots. These guys saw a large shark in Venezuela, and thought the best thing to do was try to surf on it.
It's a whale shark, and while there's no real danger to the men, it is a protected species.
Some conservationists are asking that two men caught on …
Great White Sharks Spotted Off Cape Cod
Two great white sharks have been spotted off the coast of Cape Cod.
The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy says the two were spotted around 50 yards off the beach in Chatham yesterday.
The sharks were identified and tagged by officials, who say they have been coming close to shore at the location every …
Report: Shark Spotted Off Dartmouth
Officials in Dartmouth are keeping a close watch in waters off Demerest Lloyd State Park and Round Hill, after a shark sighting was reported this week. The siting was reported on Wednesday.
Town Administrator David Cressman says Harbormaster Steven Melo patroled the waters around Round Hill, but fail…
Kayakers Attacked By Shark
Officials believe it was a great white shark that attacked two women who were kayaking off the Massachusetts coast near Plymouth Wednesday.
The women were a good distance form shore when the shark hit the underside of their kayak, tossing both of them into the water...
Shark Spotted In Dighton Harbor [VIDEO]
Another shark sighting in the area after fins were spotted in Dighton Harbor Wednesday evening.
Dighton Harbormaster Ronald Marino hopped into his powerboat and found the shark stranded on a sandbar.
Marino initially thought the predator may be a sand tiger shark, but after photos were sent to an expe…
Beach Cleared After Large Shark Sighted [VIDEO]
Like a scene from the movie ``Jaws,'' swimmers were ordered out of the water at the Duxbury town beach when a large shark was spotted near the shoreline.
Officials said the shark, which was tracked by a state police helicopter, was estimated to be about 15 feet in length...
First Shark Recorded In New Bedford-Based Tournament
A mako shark has been recorded as the first and only catch of day one of the North Atlantic Shark Tournament being held out of New Bedford.
The nearly 7', 282-pound shark was brought onto City Pier Three and shown off to those who had come to see the catch of the day...
Shark Sighting Report Unconfirmed In Padanaram Harbor
Reports of a shark sighting in Padanaram Harbor this morning have not been confirmed, but the town harbormaster is keeping a close eye on the situation.
Dartmouth Harbormaster Steve Melo tells WBSM News he received a phone call from an official at the New Bedford Yacht Club whose instrucor had seen a…
New Bedford Hosting Shark Tournament This Weekend
New Bedford may look like Amity Island for a few days, as shark fishermen will be engaged in the first of it's kind tournament for the city.
The North Atlantic Shark Tournament gets underway Friday morning, with fishermen looking to land the largest sharks over two days...

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