Mass Legislature Passes Budget, Local Lawmakers’ Programs Funded
BOSTON — Better late than never.
The Massachusetts House and Senate have passed a compromise $40.2 billion state budget today. The House approved the spending plan on a 140-9 vote, while the Senate passed it by a 36-2 vote.
The budget trims spending about $400-$500 million, because of a $733 mil…
State Senate Passes Bill Banning Cell Phone Use While Driving
The Massachusetts Senate passed legislation today that will prohibit the use of handheld mobile devices while driving, unless they are in hands-free mode.
The so-called "Distracted Driving bill" was spearheaded by Senator Mark Montigny of New Bedford, a longtime advocate of the proh…
Recreational Marijuana Bill In Conference Committee
Boston (AP) - After a week of sharp divisions and heated rhetoric over the future of the Massachusetts' recreational marijuana law, it's now up to a conference committee of six legislators to try and sort everything out.
The panel will try over the next week to resolve differences between a House bil…
State Senate, House Agree on Compromise for Road Repair Bill
The Massachusetts House of Representative and Senate agreed Friday to compromise on a one-year, $200 million local road repair bill.
Earlier this month the Senate passed its version of the bill which contained two years' worth of funding rather than the one year proposed by the House...
Senate Approves Bill for Chapter 90 Road Repair Funding
The Massachusetts Senate today approved a new multi-year road bill that will bring just over $2 million in funding to New Bedford.
The vote comes just one week after the House approved its version of the bill, which featured one year's worth of $200 million in Chapter 90 funding...
Montigny Appointed to Two Top Positions
Senator Mark Montigny has been appointed to two of the top leadership positions in the Massachusetts State Senate.
The New Bedford Democrat was appointed Assistant Majority Leader, as well as chairman of the powerful Committee on Rules Wednesday...

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