Death By Selfies Are Up In Russia
24/7 News Source - Russians are getting themselves killed taking selfies.
Russian news agency Tass says there have been over ten deaths and about a hundred accidents in the country this year from people striking dangerous poses for a selfie...
Another New Show Bites The Dust
It's that time of year. The time when networks see what new shows still aren't working and they start dropping like flies. And another new sitcom is already getting cancelled.
Epic Selfie Took 3 Years To Create
Imagine being able to travel around the world the whole time taking selfies to share with everyone.  That's what Alex Chacon was able to do and put this amazing video of his selfies on Youtube to share with the world.  Where would you like to take the ultimate selfie...
Photog in Africa Says Michelle Obama Was Not Upset
The AFP photographer who snapped the photos at the Nelson Mandela memorial of President Obama and the prime ministers of Britain and Denmark taking a selfie, as well as others that appeared to show Michelle Obama annoyed at her husband talking with the attractive female Dani…