Let the Dog Lick Your Face!
Dogs are known as many things: cuddle buddy, walking partner, a living vacuum / potential dishwasher, and man's best friend. One thing that might not come to mind is a health benefit.
This article from Bark Post claims that having a dog and letting it lick you is HEALTHY...
Human Head Transplants Possible In The Near Future
24/7 News Source - The first head transplant is less than two years away.
That was the revelation made today by an Italian surgeon. The surgeon from the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group said the Frankenstein-style procedure to attach a person's head on to a donor body would be used to e…
Is There a Cure For Baldness?
Scientists in the U.S. and Britain may have come much closer to finding a cure for baldness. For the first time they have generated new hair follicles that grow human hair.
Cells harvested from human hair follicles were cloned in a laboratory and implanted into human skin that had been grafted onto t…

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