New Bedford School Bus Involved in Minor Accident
A New Bedford Public School bus was involved in a minor accident this morning.
School spokesman Jon Carvalho tells WBSM News that Bus #55 for Normandin Middle School was involved in what sounded like a minor fender-bender in the area of Ashley Boulevard and Tarkiln Hill Road in the North End around 7…
School Groundbreaking In The South End
As students head back to school, city and state officials gathered in the South End of New Bedford on Wednesday for the ground breaking of a building that will replace for the John Hannigan Elementary School which was torn down after the school's roof collapsed in 2006.
School Employees Need To Be Drug Tested [Poll]
When it comes to school employees, is it time we, the taxpayer, demand that all government school employees (Superintendent down to custodian) be drug tested. Teachers are always running programs telling students to just say no to drug. It's time we make them practice what they preach...
New Bedford Making Strides To Improve Education [POLL]
The New Bedford School District is taking positive steps to improve the quality of education locally. An agreement ratified by the School Committee and the teachers union to extend school hours and expand the curriculum for elementary school kids is a great step forward...
No To City and Town Residency Laws [Video]
Just say no to feel good residency laws. They work like this. If you work for a city/town government, the city/town by-law forces you to move into said city/town.
Some folks claim if the worker buys a home in the city/town, they'll be taxed in said city/town...

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