[LEBOUTILLIER] Something Disturbing Is Going On
Arlene Bynon and John LeBoutillier examine the rapidly expanding Trump-Russia Scandal: Putin's sudden admission that it might have been "patriotic Russians" who did the 2016 hacking of the American election; Special Counsel Robert Mueller quickly taking over probes into Mike Flynn, Paul Ma…
O’Brien Convicted In Probation Hiring Case
Former state probation commissioner John O'Brien was convicted of federal racketeering and mail fraud in a case that accused him of rigging the department's hiring process to favor politically-connected applicants over more qualified ones...
Closing Arguments Made In Probation Hiring Trial
Closing arguments have started in the federal trial of former state probation commissioner John O'Brien and two deputies accused of rigging the agency's hiring process.
O'Brien, William Burke and Elizabeth Tavares are accused of trying to curry favor with powerful lawmakers by funnelin…
Three Ex-Penn State Officials Set to Go Before Judge
A former Penn State president and two former top administrators are set to appear in court on charges they failed to tell police about a sexual abuse allegation involving assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky and then tried to cover up what they knew.

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