CNN With Own Collusion Baggage, Struggles To Link Trump/Russia
For CNN, a cable news network that is striving, if not obsessing to bring credibility to Washington, rumors that Trump got help in the elections from the Russians, they should recall their own horribly unethical conspiring. Last fall, Wikileaks intercepted emails proving that former campaign manager…
The Best Way To Stop Terrorism
Banning assault weapons. No Fly, no buy. Taking the battle to the terrorists. There are numerous ways offered to fight terrorism. Brian offers the best constitutionally legal method to at least slow the onslaught.
Death By Selfies Are Up In Russia
24/7 News Source - Russians are getting themselves killed taking selfies.
Russian news agency Tass says there have been over ten deaths and about a hundred accidents in the country this year from people striking dangerous poses for a selfie...
More Sanctions Coming Against Russia
White House spokesman Josh Earnest says President Obama will likely sign a bill slapping more sanctions on Russia by week's end.
Earnest told a briefing that the costs on Moscow will continue to increase as a result of Russian incursions in Ukraine...

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