More Sanctions Coming Against Russia
White House spokesman Josh Earnest says President Obama will likely sign a bill slapping more sanctions on Russia by week's end.
Earnest told a briefing that the costs on Moscow will continue to increase as a result of Russian incursions in Ukraine...
Putin Wants U.S. And Russia To Improve Relations
Russian President Vladimir Putin has told Barack Obama in an Independence Day message that he hopes the countries can improve relations.
In a statement published on the Kremlin website on Friday, Putin said ‘‘regardless of difficulties and disagreements’’ h…
Kerry: Russia Faces Isolation Because Of Ukraine Invasion
Western powers on Sunday prepared a tough response to Russia’s military advance into Ukraine and warned that Moscow could face economic penalties, diplomatic isolation and bolstered allied defenses in Europe unless it retreats.
The crisis may prove to be a game-changer for President Barack Obama’s na…
Homeland Security Warns Against Shoebomb Threat
The Homeland Security Department is warning airlines to be on alert for explosives hidden in shoes.
    Homeland Security says it regularly shares relevant information with domestic and international partners, but it declined to discuss specifics of a warning sent to airlines...
Glitch Prompts Quick Action By Russian TV Execs
Smoke and mirrors? Russian state television aired footage Friday of five floating snowflakes turning into the Olympic rings and bursting into pyrotechnics at the Sochi Games opening ceremony. Problem is, that didn't happen.
The opening ceremony at the Winter Games hit a bump when only four of th…

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