Rosemary Tierney

Retired Judge John Tierney Dies At 83
Retired Judge and Former District Attorney John Tierney died on Friday at the age of 83. His death was first reported by the Standard Times.
Tierney was appointed Superior Court Judge in 1990 by then-Governor Michael Dukakis and he served 12 years on the bench...
New Bedford’s “Night-Mayor” Dies At 72
A fixture in Downtown New Bedford for many years has passed away.
Zaritt died Sunday afternoon of natural causes in Wareham. He was 72.
Many folks may remember Michael Zaritt as a perennial candidate for several elected offices, including Mayor...
Rosemary Tierney Remembers JFK
Thursday is the 50th anniversary of the Assasination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, an event that affected just about everyone living at the time. 
Former New Bedford Mayor Rosemary Tierney was picking up her kids from the Wnslow School 50 years ago, when she was told by a teacher that …