Federal Fishing Regulators Planning Quota Changes
Federal fishing regulators are planning a host of changes to the quota limits of several important New England fish, including cod.
New England fishermen search for cod in two key fishing areas, Georges Bank and the Gulf of Maine. Regulators have enacted a series of cutbacks to the cod quota in those…
Regulators To Vote On 2015 Cod Fishing Rules
Federal fishery regulators might set rules for the badly declined Gulf of Maine cod fishery this week.
The New England Fishery Management Council is meeting Monday through Thursday in Newport, Rhode Island to set rules for the coming fishing season that begins in May...
Fishermen Cheating, Regulators Think
Regulators say they're worried fishermen are cheating by fishing in one area, then claiming the catch is from another.
New England fisheries are divided into different management areas, with different catch allocations for each area. For instance, there are separate catch quotas for cod in Georg…